Apply a style


You need the following account and license types to use this workflow:

  • Microsoft license—You need a Microsoft 365 license, with the Contributor role or higher, to use this workflow.
  • ArcGIS account type—Standard users can perform the functions of this workflow; you do not need to sign in.

You can use the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 style tools to customize the appearance of your maps.

See Data styles to learn about data style options and see Smart map styles to learn about smart map cards.

To apply or change a style, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Layers list, click Layer options Layer options on a data layer and click Symbology Symbology.


    The Symbology option is active only for layers created using Microsoft Power BI data.

    The Symbology pane appears.

  2. On the Build visual tab in the Visualization pane, add the attributes to style from the Data pane in your report.

    Only the smart map styles that apply to the specified data appear. For example, if you provide only location data, the location (single symbol) and heat map styles appear. If you add numeric size data, the counts and amounts (size) smart map style appears.

  3. Click the style card and choose a smart map style.

    The map updates automatically when you make a selection.

  4. Hover over the style card and click Style options Style options to customize the look of the layer.