Enable time animation


You need the following account and license types to use this workflow:

  • Microsoft license—You need a Microsoft 365 license, with the Contributor role or higher, to enable time animation.
  • ArcGIS account type—Standard users can perform all the functions of this workflow; you do not need to sign in.

You can use time animation to configure the way time-aware data appears on a map.

See Time-aware data to learn about temporal content.

To view a time animation, the data used to create the map layer must contain date and time information. For more information, see Data preparation.

To enable time animation on a map layer, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an ArcGIS for Power BI enabled report or open an existing report.
  2. Provide a date or time value from the dataset in the visualization's Time  field well.

    A time slider appears at the bottom of the map with the default options.

    Time slider at the bottom of the map

  3. To remove the time animation from the map, remove the field from the Time field well.