Configure new member defaults

Default administrators and those with the appropriate privileges can specify the user type, member role, number of credits, groups, and other member properties to assign by default when adding or inviting new members to the organization. The properties you specify are automatically assigned to new members when you add or invite them to join, unless you choose to modify them explicitly. If you need to change any of the member properties for specific members—for example, change a member's user type or remove them from a group—you can do so at any time. New member defaults apply only to new members who are joining the organization and do not affect existing members—that is, setting or changing the new member defaults has no impact on previously assigned member properties for existing organization members.

  1. Verify that you are signed in as a default administrator or a member of a custom role with the security and infrastructure privilege enabled.
  2. At the top of the site, click Organization and click the Settings tab.
  3. Click New member defaults.

    You only see this tab if you have privileges to manage the organization's security settings.

  4. Configure or modify the new member defaults. You can configure defaults for any of the following:

    The new member defaults you see depend on your assigned privileges to manage organization settings.

    • For User Type and Role, click the edit button for either setting, select a user type, and select a role. Click Save.

      You cannot specify the Administrator role, the Facilitator role, or a custom role with administrative privileges as a new member default. These roles must be assigned to members after they have joined the organization.

    • For Add-on licenses, click Manage add-on licenses and select the add-on licenses to automatically assign to new members. For ArcGIS Pro licenses, select the extensions to assign. Click Save.

      You can only select up to 10 default add-on licenses that are compatible with the default user type and role selected. For example, if you selected the Editor user type as a new member default, you cannot select ArcGIS Drone2Map as a default add-on license, as it is only compatible with the Creator and GIS Professional user types.

    • For Groups, click Manage groups and use the search box or sort options to help you find groups. Select one or more groups to assign to new members, and click Save.

      You can only select default groups that are compatible with the default user type and role selected. For example, if you selected the Data Editor role as a new member default, you cannot select a shared update group as a default group, as membership in those groups is limited to members with privileges to create, update, and delete content.

    • For Member categories, click Manage member categories and select up to 20 member categories to automatically assign to new members.

      This setting is only available if member categories have been configured for the organization.

    • For Credits, use the drop-down list to select Set allocation limit to and type the number of credits to provide each new member, or select No limit (equivalent to the organization's total number of credits).

      This setting is only available if credit budgeting is enabled for the organization.

    • For Esri access, use the Enable Esri access toggle button to enable or disable this property by default for new members.

      A member whose account has Esri access enabled can use My Esri, take training courses, participate in Esri Community, add comments to ArcGIS Blog, and manage email communications from Esri. The member cannot enable or disable their own access to these Esri resources.

    • For Username format, customize the default username format that appears after you enter a new member's information when adding them to the organization without sending an invitation. For example, you can specify a username format such as {Last name initial}_{First name}_{Organization short name}, in which the text inside the curly braces represents variables. To specify a username format for your organization, click the Edit button and type text and select variables as needed. Click Save when finished.

      To use text or characters such as underscores along with the default variables provided, type the text or characters and press Enter.

The new member defaults you set are automatically assigned to new members who are added or invited to the organization. You can modify any of these settings for specific members as needed during the member invitation process and on the Members tab after they join the organization.