Enable collaborative events

Collaborative events allow community members to create events for an initiative as members of its core team group. If collaborative events have not been enabled for an initiative, only staff who belong to the core team group can create events for the initiative.

To enable collaborative events, you must have a default ArcGIS Online Administrator user role assigned to your account. A hub administrator who has a custom role cannot enable collaborative events.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. On the Initiative card, click Manage.
  3. Select the initiative for which you want enable collaborative events.
  4. Click the second drop-down menu in the edit navigation bar and choose Events.
  5. Click the Events for Collaborators button events for collaborators in the edit navigation bar.
  6. Click Enable.
  7. Note:

    Alternatively, you can use an initiative specifically for managing community-created events. Create an initiative and add community members to its core team. With the appropriate privileges, these core team members can create and publish events that can be shared across multiple infinitives.