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Send messages to initiative followers

A follower is someone who wants to receive updates related to an initiative. ArcGIS Hub administrators and initiative core team members can send messages to initiative followers using email and notifications.

How does the "Follow" button work?

By clicking a configured Follow Initiative card on an initiative site, a person is added to the <Initiative Name> Followers group. The initiative's Core Team members are automatically members of this group so they can view and filter a list of members and send other group members (followers) messages.

When a person clicks on a Follow Initiative button, they are prompted to sign in if they aren't already. If they don't have an account, members of the public can create a community account by clicking Create a <Organization Name> Community account at the bottom of the sign in modal. They can also use a Facebook or Gmail account to sign in.

Configure a Follow Initiative card

Core team members can create a call-to-action using the Follow Initiative card.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. Click Manage on the Initiatives card on the Overview page.
  3. Open the initiative you want to edit.
  4. On the Customize panel, click Layout to view a list of cards.
  5. Drag-and-drop the Follow Initiative card onto the initiative site.
  6. Under Follow Settings, enter a Call-to-Action to prompt people to follow your initiative for message updates.
  7. On Button States, optionally change button text from Follow and Unfollow to a call-to-action of your choosing (i.e. "Learn More" or "Sign Up").
  8. Optionally choose a button style: Outline or Solid background.

    To change button text color and background color, click Theme on the Customize panel and configure Button Background Color and Button Text Color.

  9. Click Save.

Message followers

Core team members can message all followers or individual followers by following these steps. Messages are sent to the email associated with the follower's account.

  1. In edit mode for an initiative site, click the initiative drop-down menu and choose Community.

    Community shows you a list of people who are following the initiative.

  2. Click the message button on the left side of the page to message everyone on the list, or select individual followers and click Message.
  3. Enter a subject in the Subject line and include your message in the Body.
  4. Once you've confirmed your message is ready to send, click Send Message.

    You can include links to a Survey123 to gain feedback from initiative followers. To create a survey, view Create your first survey.

Remove followers

To remove followers from an initiative, select the person from the list of followers and click Remove.