Story Map

Story Map allows you to create and share interactive story maps with your selected sites along with images, site attributes, reports and infographics for each site.

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Creating a story map

To create and share a story map you will perform the following steps:

  1. From the Maps tab, click Share Results, then click Story Map.
    Click Story Map

    The Story Map workflow opens.

    Story map formats
    There are several different story map formats from which to choose. For a brief description of any format, move the pointer over the information Click for Shortlist information. icon in the thumbnail. For additional information about the format, click Learn more.

  2. In this example, we create a Shortlist format story map. Click Shortlist.
  3. Click Add Sites.
    Add sites to your story map.

    The Add Sites dialog opens.

    Add Sites dialog

    • The Recent tab lists sites you recently created.
    • The Currently on map tab lists the sites that are currently open on the map.
    • The From projects tab lists the sites in the current project.
    • Check the check box for the sites you want to add to the story map. To remove a site, uncheck its check box.
    • Check the site name check box to automatically select all sites in the current tab (not available on the From projects tab).
    • Use shift + click to select multiple sites.
    • Click Search for site to search for sites by name.
  4. In this example, we will add sites from the current project. Click From projects.

    The sites in your current project are displayed. Expand any site layer in the project to view and select sites within it.

    My Sites
    To switch to a different project, click Click to view other projects. for a list of your other projects, and projects shared with you by other users.

  5. Select a few sites from the current project and click Next.

    The Configure Items dialog opens.

    Configure Items dialog

    • By default, Attributes, Notes and Reports, for each selected site, will appear in the story map. If you don't want to include any of them, the corresponding check boxes must be unchecked here.
    • Click Edit attributes to edit the attributes for the sites that will appear in the story map.
    • By default, the most recently run report, for a site, will appear in the story map. If you want all the site's reports to appear, select All under the Reports checkbox.

      If you want a custom selection of reports to appear, you will be able to specify that in the next step.

    • If you want an infographic for each selected site to appear in the story map, check the Infographic check box and select the desired infographic from the drop-down list.
  6. In this dialog, any changes made will apply to all selected sites. In the next step, you will have the option to configure the selections for each site individually. Click Apply.

    The selected sites will be listed. Here, you can individually configure the elements included for each site.

    Adjust site content
    • Drag and drop the sites to reorder the list.
    • Click Remove to remove it from the selection.
    • Move the pointer over View details to view the site details.
    • Click Modify report or infographic to customize the previously run reports included for the site or modify the selected infographic.
    • Click Add or remove notes to add or remove attributes and notes.
    • Click Edit or a new image to change the selected image for the site, or add a new one.

    In the above screenshot, the last site appears highlighted in red as it has no photos, and the Shortlist format requires each selected site to have at least one photo. You can either add an image for this site or remove it from the selection.


    • You can click Configure all to bring up the Configure Items dialog again and modify the configurations for all sites - but doing so will overwrite any custom configurations you already applied to individual sites.
    • In the Shortlist format, there is a limit of one infographic per site. In the Cascade format, you can include additional infographics for a site by using Add item, add Site Maps (which are not available in Shortlist), but cannot include reports. The available options vary for the Map Journal and Map Tour formats as well.
      Add items from sites.
    • Polygon and geography sites can only be included when using the Cascade story map format. This is because photos are not supported for polygon and geography sites, and all the other story map formats require included sites to have a photo.

  7. Click Next.

    The Story Map dialog opens.

    Story map properties

    1. Enter a title for the story map and an optional subtitle.
    2. Select a base map. The default base map is Streets.
    3. You can share the story map with your entire organization, or with selected groups. Click the My groups check box to select all the groups.
  8. Click Create.

    After the story map has been created, a notification dialog will appear with further options.

    Story map has been created.
    • Click View story map to open the story map.
    • Click Edit story map to open the story map in edit mode.
    • Click Copy story map link to copy the link to the story map to the clipboard.
    • Click Close to close the notification dialog.

View story map

  1. Click View story map.

    The story map will open in ArcGIS Online as a Shortlist.

    Sites on a map.
    The selected sites will be represented as pins on the map and as thumbnails on the left panel.

  2. Click on a site thumbnail or a site pin on the map.

    Your included content for that site will be displayed.

    Site attributes
    You can click the arrow buttons at the top to cycle through the sites or click Return to gallery to return to the thumbnail gallery view. You can also interact with the dynamic infographic or open any of the included reports.

Edit story map

  1. Click Edit to open the story map to enable changes.

    The story map will open in ArcGIS Online in the edit mode. Your selected sites are displayed under the Sites tab.

    Story map in edit mode
    In edit mode you have the following options:
    • Click Edit story map to edit the story map title.
    • Click Add to add another site to the story map.
    • Click on any of the sites, and modify it—for example, by changing its location or uploading another image for it.
    • Click Organize to delete sites from the story map.
    • The Story is private status indicates that this story map is visible only to you. Click SHARE to share it with other users.
    • Click EDIT TAB to edit the tab name and theme color.
    • Click ADD TAB to add a tab. You can then add sites to that tab.
    • Click ORGANIZE TABS to reorder tabs or delete tabs.
    • Click Change Basemap to select a different basemap.
    • Click VIEW STORY to open the story map in view mode.


    You can't modify the infographic and reports that were selected for the sites within Business Analyst Web App.

  2. When done with your changes, click SAVE.