Business Analyst Mobile App helps you evaluate sites, trade areas, or neighborhoods for 154 countries or areas on the go. You can tap into a large collection of demographic data, reports, maps on-site, capture location information in the field, and easily share them with your team.

With Business Analyst Mobile App you can:

  • Get a quick demographic and market snapshot or run detailed reports for a location to understand the types of people that live in that area.
  • Capture location information such as building area, number of parking spaces, and more, take site pictures, and instantly sync it with Business Analyst Web App.
  • Compare two locations side by side and decide which one is more suitable for your target market.
  • Scope out the competition or locations of businesses in your trade area.

Business Analyst Web App uses the same credentials, projects structure, and underlying Esri Demographics content no matter the application so there is a unified experience across devices.