Manage app settings

Use the app settings to save your work, choose a country or region, use Business Analyst Assistant (Beta), set application preferences, view account information, and take guided tours.

Turn on autosave

Use the Autosave toggle button to save the state of the map across sessions. When the toggle button is turned on, sites and layers on the map are saved when you sign out. The next time you sign in, the sites, layers, and map extent from the previous session are loaded on the map.

  1. On the app header, click My preferences Preferences.

    The Preferences window appears.

  2. Expand the General section and click Settings.
  3. In the Options section, turn on the Autosave toggle button.

    • Content from the current project is saved, including boundaries, labels, and layers containing business search results.
    • Historical traffic layers are saved only if the Historical traffic data window is open.
    • Annotations and measurements are not saved.

Set the data source

Business Analyst provides data in 177 countries and regions. You can browse and search for data sources in the Data source drop-down menu on the app header. To change the default data source, choose a country in Preferences. Some countries include multiple data sources that offer different variables and geography levels.

To choose a data source, do the following:

  1. Click the Data source drop-down menu.
  2. On the drop-down menu, find a country or region in the following ways:
    • Browse the full country and region list.
    • Click a continent.
    • Click a letter of the alphabet to view countries and regions that begin with that letter.
    • Provide the country or region name in the Enter country or region search field.
  3. Click a country or region.
  4. For countries that include multiple data sources, choose a source by clicking the Click for data source selections button Click for data source selections. To view more information about the data sources, click Show details. To choose a data source, click Apply.

    Once you choose a data source, the map automatically pans to the country or region you chose.

Use Business Analyst Assistant (Beta)

Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) uses artificial intelligence to suggest relevant workflows, data, and reports for analysis queries.

To use Business Analyst Assistant (Beta), do the following:

  1. On the app header, click Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) Business Analyst Assistant.

    The Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) window appears.

  2. Use Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) to perform specific actions, such as creating color-coded maps, searching for points of interest (POI), or running a report. To perform one of these actions, you can do the following:
    • Click a suggestion to build your query.
    • Enter a prompt that includes a topic and location you are interested in.
  3. Click Generate to perform your query.

    Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) suggests workflows, tips, and resources in the Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) window.

  4. To interact with Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) suggestions, do any of the following:
    • Create the suggested content:
    • Click More options to modify the suggested content.
    • Click Generate more to see additional Business Analyst Assistant (Beta) suggestions.
    • Click Refine results to modify the prompt using suggestions from Business Analyst Assistant (Beta). Once you have modified the prompt, click Generate to perform your modified query.
    • Hover over a tip and click Show tip to launch the tip instructions. This experience is similar to taking a guided tour.
  5. To clear your query history and start over, click Restart Reset at any time.

Set app language

You can view Business Analyst Web App with your preferred language settings. Browser language determines the way time, date, and numerical values appear. Business Analyst Web App supports the following languages for the user interface: French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.

You can set the language in your browser settings. Most browsers have a language setting; check your browser's help for the specific steps.

Set preferences

You can customize Business Analyst Web App by setting preferences for the app, workflows, and reports and infographics.

View account information

The Account details drop-down menu allows you to open your ArcGIS organizational profile, view your license type, and sign out of the application.

  1. On the app header, click Account details.
  2. To open your ArcGIS Online profile in a new browser tab, click My profile.
  3. View your organization username, profile image, and license type (Standard or Advanced).
  4. To sign out of the app, click Log out.

Take guided tours of the app

Guided tours allow you to familiarize yourself with Business Analyst functionalities and workflows. Tours are organized in five levels, from introductory to advanced. You earn points when you complete a tour or review related material. When you complete all tours in a level, you earn additional points and a badge and proceed to the next level.

You can set preferences for guided tours in the application preferences. You can turn expanded tips on or off and reset all tours. Administrators can set preferences for the entire organization.

To take a guided tour, do the following:

  1. On the Maps tab, expand the Help and resources drop-down menu and click Guided tours.
  2. Hover over a tour to view a tooltip with a brief description. To open a tour, click Go. To start a tour in a locked level, click Unlock.

    The tour opens, displaying the first step.

  3. Follow the tour instructions.

    Actions that are required to complete steps may vary, including the following:

    • In some steps, you can return to the previous step by clicking Back.
    • Some steps require that you click a specific place.
    • Some steps only provide more information about the workflow. When you finish reading, click Next to proceed to the next step.

    When you complete a tour, your updated progress in the current level is displayed, along with other material related to the completed tour.


Some tours may not be available in certain situations. The following limitations apply:

  • If an administrator in your organization has disabled a workflow for your role, any guided tours associated with it are not available to you. For example, if the color-coded maps workflow is disabled, the Create a color-coded map from data tour is not available.
  • Not every tour is available in every country.