Publish a story

As you author a story in the story builder, it is saved automatically as a draft. The draft version of a story is only visible to you and others with administrative privileges in your ArcGIS organization. Publishing is the process of making a story visible to a broader audience. During the publishing process, the following occurs:

  • The builder checks for issues related to the sharing settings of ArcGIS content used in the story.
  • The story is made accessible to your selected audience: Private, My Organization, Everyone (Public), or Groups.
  • Summary information about the story is made available to social media platforms for stories shared with everyone.

Use the following steps to publish a story:

  1. Click Publish in the story builder header.
  2. In the Story card panel, customize the details, or social metadata, that are displayed when the story appears on social media sites and in search engine results.

    This information is also used to represent the story on the My projects page in ArcGIS StoryMaps and when it appears in ArcGIS.

    • Update the thumbnail image, title, or summary.
    • Use the Update ArcGIS item details when publishing check box to control whether the story's ArcGIS item details are updated with the share card information each time the story is published.
    • Use the Reset button to remove edits made to the story card details. After you reset, the story card will use the current story title, subtitle, and thumbnail unless you edit them again in Publish options.
  3. Note:

    Advanced users who prefer to manage item details manually should uncheck the Update ArcGIS item details when publishing check box to prevent their item details from being overwritten.

  4. In the Share panel, choose the audience for the story: Private, My Organization, or Everyone (Public).

    You can also share the story to groups for which you have sharing permissions.

    • Use the Allow duplication check box to provide ArcGIS users with access to the story to duplicate the item. This check box will not be available if the story is not shared.
    • Use the Show in web search results check box to allow the story to appear in web searches. This check box is available when the story is shared publicly. The reindexing of the story by search engines will not immediately occur when altering this option. See Page Indexing report - Search Console Help for additional information.
  5. Before publishing, use the Story settings link at the bottom of the page to review or configure other features.

    For more information, see Configure story settings.

  6. To publish the story, click Publish.

    The publishing process begins, and the story builder checks for any maps, scenes, layers, or other resources that are not shared at the required level and would not be visible to the selected audience. You may be prompted to change the sharing on some items, if needed.

The story is published and available to the selected audience.

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