Publish a story

As you author your story in the story builder, it is saved automatically as a draft. The draft version of your story is only visible to you and others with administrative privileges in your ArcGIS organization. Publishing is the process of making your story visible to a broader audience. During the publishing process, the following occurs:

  • The builder checks for issues related to the sharing settings of ArcGIS content used in the story.
  • The story is made accessible to your selected audience: Private, My organization, Everyone (Public), or Groups.
  • Summary information about your story is made available to social media platforms for stories shared with everyone.

Use the following steps to publish a story:

  1. Click Publish in the story builder header.
  2. Choose the audience for your story: Private, My Organization, or Everyone (Public). You can also share the story to groups where you have sharing permissions, provided the group does not have update access.

    The publishing process begins, and the story builder checks for any maps, scenes, or layers that are not shared at the required level and would not be visible to the selected audience.

  3. If any maps, scenes, or layers are not shared with the same audience as the story, you are prompted to share the items that are not already shared with the audience you selected.
    • If you have permissions to share these items, click Yes, share these items and the builder automatically updates the sharing for the items.
    • If you choose not to share the maps and layers, or do not have permissions to share them, click Continue without changing and these unshared items are replaced with placeholders for members of your audience who do not have permissions to view them.

The story is published and available to the selected audience.

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