ArcGIS Web Map

Allows you to share the sites, layers, and maps currently open on the map, as a web map in ArcGIS Online. You will be able to enter a title for it and select the organizations or groups that you want to allow access to the web map. By default, the web map will be stored in ArcGIS Online. You can also export the map content as a new hosted feature service.

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To access the ArcGIS Web Map workflow, click the Maps tab, then click Share Results.


You can also quickly launch this workflow by clicking the Share Map to ArcGIS button in the Tool Palette.

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  1. Click ArcGIS Web Map.

    The Share Map dialog opens.

    Share Map dialog

  2. Perform the following:
    1. Enter a map title in the Title field.
    2. Optionally, enter information in the Description and Tags fields.
    3. Under the Select layers to share section, select the layers you want to include in your map.
    4. Share the map with your organization or groups.

      • To share the web map with your entire organization, check the Entire organization check box.
      • To share the web map to all the groups to which you belong, check the My Groups check box or only check the check boxes for the groups with which you want to share.
      • To save the content as a web map in ArcGIS Online but not share with any other users, leave all check boxes unchecked.

    5. Optionally, you can choose to export the map layers in a new hosted feature service, by selecting the Export map layers in a new hosted feature service checkbox. Only your map layers from the project will be included in the new hosted feature service; these are indicated in bold font under the Select layers to share section. Any other content will not be included—for example: web maps and layers, temporary sites on the map (that are not saved in a layer), boundaries, labels, measure lines, and grids and map annotations.

      This option is useful when you want to share only some layers from your project. Instead of sharing the project with other users, add only the desired layers to the map, and use the Export map layers in a new hosted feature service option in the Share Map dialog. You can then share the hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online with groups, organizations, and in public web maps.

  3. Click Share.

    The content will be saved to ArcGIS Online as a web map and shared as per your selections above. A notification will be displayed confirming that your map has been shared.

    Map is shared confirmation
    To view the shared web map in ArcGIS Online, click Click here to access the map.

To view your web map in ArcGIS Online, sign in to ArcGIS Online, and navigate to Content > My Content and click My Maps under the Folders list.

My content
Click on the title to open the web map. Move the pointer over the Share icon to view current sharing settings. Click the Share icon to modify the sharing settings.

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