What's new

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Standard and Advanced licenses

ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App license is available at two levels of functionality: Standard and Advanced. The Standard license includes capabilities that allow you to view quick maps and data and create reports and infographics that you can share with other users. The Advanced license additionally includes capabilities that allow you to customize existing report and infographic templates, rank sites based on variables, and identify gaps and surpluses of businesses in an area.

Simplified workflows

The Color-Coded Maps, Smart Map Search, and Suitability Analysis workflows are simplified—each includes a default variables list that an Administrator in your ArcGIS organization can pre-define for all members to use. If your organization has a common list of variables, you can access these when you sign in, and they can be updated by the Administrator when data needs change.

Improved ArcGIS Dashboards workflow

The option to include multiple infographic templates in an ArcGIS Dashboard is supported.

Data updates

The 9.2 release includes the following enhancements to our data:

  • USA 2021/2026 Esri Demographic Data updates and forecasts. The update includes demographic data, consumer spending, Tapestry segmentation (with updated names), market potential, business locations and summary data, and updated Esri basemaps. With this data, a new capability to update the data for custom infographics is included.
  • Updated U.S. traffic points and business locations data.
  • Updated Michael Bauer Research (MBR) data for eight new countries and regions.
  • A new geography scale in Mexico.
  • Updated Esri France and Esri Australia data.


The subsequent 9.2.6 release includes data updates for 24 Michael Bauer Research international countries and regions.

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