What's new

The latest release includes the updates and enhancements described below.

New suitability analysis workflow

The redesigned suitability analysis workflow includes new industry-related variable lists, improved ways of setting your analysis extent, advanced scoring and weighting options, an interactive results panel, and the ability to save analysis layers.

Points of interest search enhancements

You can define a search area directly within the workflow for targeted POI analysis.

Use hexagons to visualize data

You can use hexagons in color-coded maps, smart map search, and suitability analysis workflows to create uniform representation of the data and quickly understand clusters and patterns.

Data updates

Data updates are included for Australia (ABS), Germany (Nexiga), Thailand (Esri Thailand), Michael Bauer Research countries and regions, global points of interest, United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico business locations, and U.S. traffic counts and crime indexes.

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