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What's new

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Create Dot Density Maps

Create dot density maps for variables in the Color-Coded Maps workflow by using the Dot Density option under the Style tab. Customize the visualization by specifying the value represented by each dot, dot density and color, and additional options.

Use Infographic Templates Across Organizations and Countries

The capability to share your infographic templates to a group in your organization and add members of other organizations to that group in ArcGIS Online has already been available to you. You can now also download infographic templates to your machine as a file and add a new infographic template to the Business Analyst web app from a file on your machine. This enables you to use US based infographic templates in other countries and is a way to provide infographic templates to other users who are not in your ArcGIS organization.

Additionally, use new alignment tools to create more polished and advanced infographics templates. For example, align content within one panel and across multiple panels, and use a layer of objects to control their drawing order.

Categorize and Browse Your Own Data

When you use the Custom data setup workflow to add your own data, you can also create your own data categories and sub-categories to display in the Data Browser, and assign custom icons to them.

Edit Project Site Attributes and Validation

Change and update the site attributes and validation rules even after a project has already been created. Additionally, you will be able to edit the attributes and validation rules for other site layers added to your project.

Additional Sharing options for all-in-One PDF Reports

When requesting an all-in-one PDF report, control how it is shared. You can keep them private, make them public, or share them with your organization members and groups of members. Learn more.

Additional capabilities in Comparison Reports

  • Improved experience for printing comparison report charts with benchmarks.
  • Customize comparison report chart colors.
  • Print the table view of comparison reports.

Additional options in Map Legend

Use additional customization and print options in the Map Legend.

Run reports for multiple sites from contextual menu

Select multiple sites on the map and run a report for all of them from the contextual menu.

Data updates

  • Additional 2016 Census data for Canada.
  • Germany data from Nexiga updated to 2018 vintage.
  • Michael-Bauer Research data updated to 2018 vintage for 26 countries including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and South Korea.

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