What's new

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Batch infographics

Use the Export mode to run infographics in batch mode—multiple infographic for multiple sites at the same time. All the infographics are downloaded to your machine in a single Zip file. Learn more.

Void Analysis normalization

Add a normalization variable to Void Analysis, for additional context to determine if a true gap exists between the analysis and reference areas, or if it’s simply because the analysis area is smaller or has less people than the reference area. For example, the reference area may have more coffee shops, but also have a larger population to support them, whereas the analysis area could have fewer people and fewer coffee shops; adding population as the normalization variable will provide better insight. You can now also save search and style criteria for use in future analysis.

Visualize Suitability Analysis as locations

Use the option to visualize Suitability Analysis results as ranked location symbols, instead of sites, for an improved map appearance.

Improved Business Search

The layout of the different search and filter options has been updated for an improved Business and Facilities Search workflow.

Map reports feature higher quality selected basemap

More detailed, higher resolution maps in classic map reports, namely Site Map and Site Details Map reports. The default basemap and location pin symbol selected under Preferences > General tab > Settings will be used in these map reports.

Custom Data setup as standard geographies

Setup your custom data as standard geographies, when selecting an existing web layer. For example, if you enter the URL for a layer with county level data, you can select the Geographic Boundaries option and setup the polygon features to be represented as counties.

Data updates

This release includes the following updates to our data:

  • USA 2020-2025 Esri Demographic Data forecasts including US population, income, households, consumer spending, Tapestry segmentation and more.
  • USA 2020 Age by Sex by Race data.
  • USA ACS data updated to use 2020 Boundaries.
  • USA Q2 2020 Traffic data.
  • USA Q2 2020 Business Locations data.
  • USA 2020 Crime data.
  • A new Civilian Labor Force Profile Report is available. You can run this report for your sites from the site menu or from the Reports > Classic Reports tab.

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