What's new in 8.3

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

SafeGraph business data

SafeGraph data is now available in Business and Facilities Search, Void Analysis, and Nearby Infographic panels. By selecting it as the business data source, or setting it as the default business data source in Preferences, your analyses and reports can take advantage of SafeGraph's Places data. This data, updated quarterly, consists of business points with several attributes including brand name. When using SafeGraph as the business data source, you can export business locations that include the full business address.

Improved sharing options

You can now share a subset of project content with other users, instead of sharing the entire project. This is useful when, for example, you need to collaborate with other users on only some of the map layers in your project. You now also have the option to export map layers and other project content to a new hosted feature layer. Learn more.

Data updates

This release includes the following updates to our data:

  • Demographic data updates for Canada (Environics) and Germany (Nexiga).
  • Updated USA business, shopping center, and traffic locations data.
  • Updated International Data from Michael Bauer Research for 31 countries.

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