What's new

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Download reports as a zip archive

On the Run Reports > Classic reports tab, when you click Run All to run multiple reports, you have the option to also create an all-in-one PDF report. When that option is selected, by default all the reports run are now downloaded as a zip archive (you can change this setting under Preferences). You can still open any individual report and download it manually. If any PDF reports were requested, a PDF Reports Created dialog is displayed, from where you can copy links to the all-in-one PDF report, or any individual PDF report. This allows you to quickly paste the links in an email or document, if you want to share the reports with others by those methods.

Include maps when exporting Void Analysis report

Void Analysis allows you to see what types of businesses are missing from your analysis area, compared to a reference area. When you export the results of the analysis as a PDF Void Analysis report, you can now include a map of the analysis area, reference area, or both.

Data updates

This release includes the following enhancements to our data:

  • Esri Thailand Data—New advanced Esri Thailand data, with 478 variables (2019 vintage) including the following categories: household spending and income, household and population totals, and population by age, education, and occupation and more. This data is available at 4 geography levels including subdistricts. To use this data, expand the country or region drop-down menu, and select Esri Thailand as the data source.
  • Updated USA businesses and traffic data.
  • Updated data for Esri Japan.
  • Updated Michael Bauer Research (MBR) data for several countries.

After February 10, 2021, data updates will not include the Major Shopping Centers and Malls data. The Major Shopping Center Locator and Major Shopping Center Map reports will also not be included. The Major Shopping Center Locator and Major Shopping Center Map reports will also be unavailable.

For more information, see the following article:  https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-business-analyst-blog/major-shopping-centers-amp-malls-data-removal-from-arcgis/ba-p/1016469

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