Specify the runtime of a notebook

When you author a notebook, the resources and Python libraries you use are made available through a notebook runtime. There are two runtimes available: the Standard runtime contains ArcGIS API for Python along with a few hundred other Python libraries, and the Advanced runtime contains all of the same libraries as well as ArcPy and some related libraries. The available runtimes depend on your licencing and privileges.


Notebooks that use the Advanced runtime can run ArcGIS API for Python and all other libraries from the Standard runtime.

To author notebooks, your administrator must assign you a custom member role that contains the appropriate privileges. Depending on the runtime your notebook will use, you will need the privilege for using the Standard runtime or the Advanced runtime. The Advanced runtime privilege also allows you to use the Advanced with GPU runtime.

If your organization only has the Standard runtime available and you've been assigned a role containing the corresponding privilege, you don't need to do anything else. You can start authoring notebooks immediately.

Choose a notebook runtime

When you create a blank notebook, you choose which runtime the notebook will use. The list you choose from is based on your privileges; if you have been granted the Advanced Notebooks privilege, you can choose between Standard and Advanced runtimes. You can also change the runtime of a notebook after it has been created.

If you have the appropriate privileges, you may want to create notebooks using either runtime in different situations. For example, if you are authoring a notebook to share with other notebook authors in your organization who don't have the Advanced Notebooks privilege, you want to create a notebook using the Standard runtime.

Change a notebook runtime

Follow these steps to change the runtime applied to an existing notebook. This workflow can only be used by members who can author notebooks using either notebook runtime.


Before changing the runtime for a notebook from Advanced to Standard, ensure there is no content from ArcPy or the other Advanced libraries in the notebook. If there is, an error appears when the notebook is opened.

  1. Open the notebook's item details page and click the Settings tab.

    In the Notebook section of the tab, under Notebook Settings, the Notebook Runtime option designates the runtime the notebook is using.

  2. Click the drop-down list, and select the runtime.

    If you don't have the Advanced Notebooks privilege, only the Standard runtime appears in the drop-down list.

  3. Click Save to confirm.