Configure ground

In the Ground section of the Layer Manager pane, there are the elevation layers in the scene and you can access the Configure Ground pane, which allows you to change how you display and interact with the ground.

To open Ground, do the following:

  1. Verify you are signed in to your account and open Scene Viewer.
  2. On the Designer toolbar, click Layer Manager Layers to open the Layer Manager pane.
  3. Configure the ground.
  4. On the Designer toolbar, click Save Save to save the ground configuration to the scene.

Elevation layers

Elevation layers contribute to the elevation in the basemap and scene. When you open a new scene, the default elevation configured by your organization displays in your scene. If you add additional elevation layers to your scene, they will automatically be added to Ground. Ground elevation layers have similar options to those of any other layer, such as adding and removing a layer or the Show/Hide in Layers option. The elevation must have the same spatial reference as the basemap.


If your scene doesn't have elevation in Ground, click + Add default elevation or add an elevation layer. You can also disable elevation layers in Ground by unchecking the layers.

Configure ground

In the Configure Ground pane, you can change the ground color and enable scene navigation underground. To stylize your scene, you can select a custom ground color that will appear under the basemap and any tile layers in your scene. You can also activate underground navigation in your scene that allows you to interact with subsurface data, such as underground utilities or geological features.

To use Configure Ground, do the following:

  1. Click Ground or click the drop-down menu to open Configure Ground.
  2. Click the Underground navigation toggle key to allow scene navigation under the ground surface.
  3. Click Color to select the ground color.

    To see the ground color in your scene, select No basemap in the Basemap tool.

  4. Set the ground transparency.

    You can see features through the ground when you adjust the Ground Transparency slider in the Basemap tool.

  5. Click Done.