Present scenes

In presentation mode, the scene content is emphasized with minimal user interface (UI) items shown. You can explore the content by clicking through the slides.

Switch the layout to presentation mode

Click Present Slides at the top of Scene Viewer to switch to presentation mode. To return to the full Scene Viewer UI, click Exit presentation Exit.

Press F11 (or Command+F) to enter and exit full-screen mode.

View slides

On desktops and tablets, once you set presentation mode for a scene that contains slides, you can hover over Slides Present slide at the bottom of the scene to see a thumbnail of the slide, and click the thumbnail to go to that slide.

In the Slide list menu Slide list, you can view a list of the slides with thumbnails and select a slide. Click Exit slide list Exit slide list to close the slide list.

To move through slides using the keyboard of a remote device, press < or >, PgUp, or PgDn.

When there are many slides, the Slides buttons Present slide appear smaller to indicate that there are more slides before or after that point. When you've reached the last slide, click Reset Reset slides to go back to the first slide.

Additional information

On mobile devices, tap Menu Menu to get more information such as details about the scene, help documentation, or ArcGIS Online.

For embedded scenes, click Information Information to learn more.