Get started with ArcGIS Online

With a subscription to ArcGIS Online, organizations can manage all of their geographic content in a secure, cloud-based Esri environment. Members of the organization can use maps to explore data, create and share maps and apps, and publish their data as hosted web layers. Administrators customize the website, invite and add members to the organization, and manage resources.

Get started as a member of your organization

Members are invited to join an organization or added automatically by that organization's administrator. Either way, you will need an ArcGIS account. If you were invited, your invitation will have account details. If you were added automatically, your administrator will give you account details. Once you have your account, open a web browser to, sign in, and update your profile. You can also sign in directly to your organization if you know the URL. For the best performance, especially with maps, use a supported browser.

All members see a customized view of the site and can use the content that is shared with the organization. Depending on your privileges, you can also create maps and other types of content, add items to the site, join and create groups, and publish hosted web layers. What you can do depends on your privileges.

Begin with the basics

ArcGIS Online gives you access to a variety of geospatial content. The following topics cover the basics of exploring and using content:

Once you're familiar with the basics, you can dive into creating and managing your own content. Explore the following topics to learn more:

Try a tutorial

The ArcGIS Online quick tutorials guide you through meaningful real-world scenarios that let you experience the powerful capabilities of ArcGIS Online for yourself. The following tutorials will help you be successful in your current work and inspire you to explore ArcGIS Online further on your own:

  • Create a map—Learn the basics of web mapping in ArcGIS Online as you assume the role of an investigative reporter looking for a lead on a story about hospitals in Clark County, Nevada.
  • Create a scene—Create a 3D scene of Portland, Oregon's urban trees.
  • Explore spatial data—Visually explore a map to find the best location for launching luxury travel services for baby boomers.
  • Solve a spatial problem—Use analysis tools to determine which campgrounds are within the range of an invasive weed.
  • Create an app—Create a web app to share your business site proposal.
  • Share a map—Learn the basics of sharing content in ArcGIS Online as you assume the role of a web content creator for the City of Red Deer, Alberta.
  • Manage data—Learn the basics of managing data in ArcGIS Online as you assume the role of a municipal employee who wants to publish a layer of coyote activity for a crowdsourcing solution.

Get started as an administrator

Some members of the organization have additional responsibilities to manage the organization as administrators or in custom administrative roles. After the initial administrator activates the subscription, the first set of tasks is to configure the website and invite or add members to the organization. As members start using the organization, you're ready to manage resources. For example, you might want to categorize items to facilitate browsing content, change ownership of a group, modify a member's profile, revoke access to licensed apps, or view reports that summarize activity within your organization.

Begin with a guide

Follow these guides to learn more about launching and administering your organization.

Get started with a public account

Public accounts are also available for individuals. A public account allows you to create, store, and manage maps, apps, and data and share them with others. You also get access to content shared by Esri and GIS users around the world. Get started by creating a public account. Open a web browser to, sign in with your account, and get started using ArcGIS Online.