View pop-ups (Map Viewer)

Pop-ups contain information about features and images in map layers, such as hiking trails, land cover types, or unemployment rates. Pop-ups can include attachments, images, charts, and text, and they can link to external web pages.

A pop-up in Map Viewer

See an exampleSee an example of pop-ups in the map What are the most popular commute alternatives?. When an area is selected, a pop-up appears with charts showing the most popular commute alternatives to driving.

The default pop-up appearance for a feature layer—if the layer owner has not configured it—is a table of attributes and values. The layer owner can save a new configuration, which is why the pop-ups in a map can display relevant information without additional steps by the map author. The default pop-up appearance for an imagery layer is the pixel values.


You can click Dock Dock on the pop-up to dock the pop-up display to the top of the map. Click Undock Undock to display pop-ups near their associated features or pixels.

For a particular map, the map owner can reconfigure the feature layer pop-ups. Map authors define the list of visible and hidden fields and how the information is presented. For example, they can show a simple list of attributes, or provide an interactive experience using custom-formatted text, charts, and images. To learn more about designing and configuring pop-ups for feature layers, see Configure pop-ups.


If you have the appropriate privileges, you can add the location information from a feature pop-up to a route layer. Click Get directions to add the location as a stop in a route. You can also add search results to a sketch layer from a pop-up by clicking Add to new sketch.