Get started with apps

ArcGIS includes a wide range of apps that help you interact with the maps and data in your organization. Organization members can use out-of-the-box Esri apps or create their own.

Some of the Esri apps that are licensed and accessed through the ArcGIS Online website, as well as other custom applications and Esri websites, are available in the app launcher. Click the Apps button Apps in the header of the site to see the apps available to you. Once signed in to your organization, you can access the following from the app launcher:

  • ArcGIS apps available on the web and for which you have a license
  • Web apps that an administrator has added to the app launcher that have been shared with you
  • Esri websites to which you have been granted access

When you click an app or site in the app launcher, the app or site opens in a new browser tab.


Newly added apps are marked with a green dot.

You can change the order of apps and sites in the app launcher by dragging the icons to different locations inside the app launcher window. If you have access to more apps and sites than you need to use frequently, click Show More at the bottom of the window and drag some apps and sites to the secondary area. Use this area for apps you need to access less often, as they will be hidden from view when the app launcher is opened.

In some cases, an app to which you previously had access can no longer be accessed from your app launcher gallery. This can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Your administrator has removed the app from the app launcher.
  • The app is no longer shared with you.
  • The app owner or administrator deleted the app item.
  • In the case of licensed apps, your license was revoked.

Apps previously displayed in your app launcher gallery that later become unavailable to you are displayed with a gray box with an x in the corner. To remove an unavailable app from your app launcher gallery, click the x on the app. If you believe you should have access to an app that is no longer available in your app launcher gallery, contact a default administrator in your organization.


If you are a default administrator, when one or more added apps are no longer available or the app URL has changed, a message appears indicating that some apps need your attention. Click Settings on the message to restore or modify the availability of apps in the app launcher.