Create a map on a SharePoint page

The ArcGIS for SharePoint web part enables a rich display of SharePoint lists, ArcGIS hosted feature services, and ArcGIS web maps on an interactive map.


Learn more about the differences between ArcGIS, ArcGIS Maps Classic, and ArcGIS Map Search. Understanding the apps will help you decide which one to use when building your SharePoint page.

To insert an ArcGIS web part on your page, do the following:

  1. Browse to the page on which you want to insert the ArcGIS for SharePoint web part.
  2. Put the page in edit mode.
  3. Click the location on the page where you want to insert the ArcGIS for SharePoint web part.

    The web part search pane appears, displaying available web parts.

  4. Click ArcGIS for SharePoint.

    The ArcGIS for SharePoint web part appears on the page, prompting you to sign in to ArcGIS or continue in the standard experience.


    If a message is displayed saying the app is not configured, your SharePoint site collection administrator must set the credentials to enable the app for use.

  5. Sign in or click Continue to use the map in the standard experience.

    The map loads using the default basemap and map settings.

    Default ArcGIS Maps part
  6. On the SharePoint ribbon, click Save as draft.

    The web part is saved to the page and the page reloads in run mode.