Search for geotagged documents


Some workflows may require specific privileges. For more information about user types, roles, and privileges, see the Accounts topic.

You can search for geotagged Microsoft SharePoint content from an ArcGIS for SharePoint map. See Geotags to learn more about geotagging documents.

Once you have geotagged Microsoft SharePoint documents using attributes from data layers, you can perform a geosearch to locate those documents. A geosearch helps you to quickly find documents in your SharePoint site collection and across your organization by using a location on the map or the attributes assigned to documents as geotags.

You can click the map to perform a geosearch or provide a keyword in the search text box to browse for geotagged documents. Based on your specifications in the Search filters pane, the keyword search returns geotagged documents accordingly.

To search for geotagged documents, complete the following steps:

  1. From the map tools, click the Geotag and geosearch button Geotag and geosearch.

    The Geotag and geosearch pane appears.

  2. From the Geotag and geosearch pane, click the Geosearch documents tab Geosearch documents.
  3. Click the Search filters button Search filters and under the General section, choose the filter options for the search:
    • Use tags—This option is checked by default. SharePoint uses the tagged attribute values to search for and find documents matching the tagged values in the configured term set.

      Search filters pane

    • Current site—When checked, the search is restricted to the current SharePoint site, hub site, or subsite. This option can be turned off in edit mode.
    • Hide this option for Viewers Hide this option for Viewers—This button is only available to users when in edit mode to turn on or off the Current site filter for Viewers. By default, the filter is on and a Hide this option for Viewers button Hide this option for Viewers displays. To turn off the Current site check box for site users, click the Hide this option for Viewers button Hide this option for Viewers to hide Show this option for Viewers the option from site users.
    • Strict search—When checked, the search for documents must precisely match the search keywords provided.
  4. Optionally, use the filters under the other sections in the filters pane:
    • Layers—Choose layers from the map to see results from specified layers.
    • File type—View by document type. This option lists the various document types and the number of documents of that type in the search results. Click a result to show documents of that type.
    • Author—View documents by author. This option lists the document authors and number of documents attributed to them in the search results. Click an author to display documents created by them.
    • Date modified—Search results are filtered based on the last time a document was modified. The choices are All Time, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or a Custom range of dates.

    Optionally, click Clear filters to clear the selection.

  5. Click anywhere on the map frame to close the filters pane.
  6. Click a feature on the map to search for geotagged documents.

    Documents in the Geosearch documents pane match the feature geotags.

    Document search results appear in the Geotag and geosearch pane.


    You can click the document to open it in a new tab and preview it. Click the Information button Information to see the date the document was last modified, a list of contributors, and a description of the document.

  7. For more information, see the ArcGIS blog post about geotagging and geosearching.