Data preparation


You need the following account and license types to prepare ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 data:

  • Microsoft license—You need a Microsoft 365 license, with the Contributor role or higher, to prepare ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 data.
  • ArcGIS account type—Standard users can perform the basic functions of data preparation; you do not need to sign in.

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 matches locations in the data to locations on a map. The more you organize and prepare the data before you add it to the map, the more accurate the map results will be.

See Data and geocoding to learn more about data.

When you add a data layer to a map, you choose the location type that best represents the information. Location information from the data is used to create a relationship between the data and the specified location type. Although ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 includes functionality to provide a location on the map based on the best possible available location data, preparing and organizing the data to align with expected location types helps ensure greater accuracy.

Location types

The following location types are used:

Location typeValueDescription


Latitude, Longitude

  • Latitude and longitude values represent an x,y coordinate location on the map.
  • You can map x,y coordinate data in either the WGS84 or the Web Mercator coordinate systems.
  • If the latitude (y) values fall between -90 and 90 and the longitude (x) values range from -180 to 180, use WGS84.
  • If the latitude and longitude values are in meters and have six, seven, or eight digits before (to the left of) the decimal point, use Web Mercator.
  • You can also choose one of the other coordinate systems that ArcGIS supports. For more information, see Supported notation formats.

SharePoint Geolocation

  • ArcGIS for SharePoint 2023.1 and later allows coordinates to be stored in a single Location column cell.



  • The more address elements the data contains, the more accurate the results will be.
  • A complete list of countries for which there is address coverage is available in the supported countries list on the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service coverage page.
  • Your ArcGIS administrator may impose user credit limits on some features and you may receive a message indicating that you have insufficient credits to perform a request. If so, contact your administrator.







Postal code

United States ZIP Code



  • EsriJSON encodes both geometry and feature information into objects.
  • An Esri feature set is a collection of features with the same geometry type and coordinate system.
  • In a JSON document, a feature set is represented by a JSON object. The JSON object has three keys: geometryType, spatialReference, and features. For more information, see EsriJSON.
  • You can use the ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate Get geometry from feature layer action to get geometry or boundary information from a feature layer and export it as EsriJSON.

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