Coauthor a story or a collection

You can collaborate with other members of your organization when writing and publishing stories and collections. These workflows follow the actions allowed by the standard roles and permissions in ArcGIS:

  • Administrators can edit, duplicate, publish, update sharing, and delete your stories and collections.
  • Members of groups with update capabilities can edit, duplicate, and publish your stories and collections, but they cannot change the sharing settings, unpublish, or delete them.

Collaborate on a story or a collection

Use the following steps to allow other members of your organization to edit your stories and collections:

  1. Have your administrator create a shared update group and add you and your coauthors as members of the group.

    Select All items in the What items in the group can its members update settings to give all group members permission to coauthor stories and collections shared in the group.

  2. Publish the story or collection with a group with update capabilities.

    Groups with update capabilities have an Edits enabled tag.

All members of the group can now make edits to your ArcGIS StoryMaps content. They can find these stories and collections on the My Groups or My Organization tab, or you can share the item link with them. When members of the group open a story or a collection in the viewer, they can click the Edit story or Edit collection button in the header to start an edit session in the builder.


If you edit a story or a collection when someone else is also editing the same content, a notification will appear and display the name of the author who is currently editing the story or collection. You can select Exit story or Exit collection to avoid losing any work, or you can select Overwrite to continue editing the story or collection with your changes, which may result in lost work for the other author. It is recommended that coauthors coordinate when editing a story or a collection.