Print a story

Stories that have been authored in ArcGIS StoryMaps can be printed or saved as a PDF file. Printed stories can be used in situations in which the ArcGIS StoryMaps website may not be available due to limited internet access. Printing and saving stories also creates a record of a story that can be used to track its history or for archival purposes.

Print or save your story

Use the following steps to print a story or save it as a PDF file:

  1. In the story builder or the story viewer, click the menu button More actions.
  2. Select Print preview.

    The story opens in the print view.

  3. Click the Print button to open the browser's print dialog box.
  4. Select a printer or other destination.
    1. To print a paper copy of the story, select a printer option.
    2. To save the story as a PDF file, select a print to PDF option.

The story is printed or saved.

Story printing tips

Consider the following when printing stories:

  • Both published stories and draft stories can be printed.
  • You can access the Print option from both the story builder and the story viewer.
  • It is recommended that you enable background graphics in the browser print settings.
  • At this time, only 16 maps can be printed. If a story includes more than 16 maps, print it in batches using page ranges.