Add story navigation

Story navigation is an optional story element that provides readers with links to the main sections of your story. Story navigation can be configured as a table of contents or bookmarks that allow readers to go directly to different parts of a story. It also gives readers a visual indication of their current location in the story.

Use the following steps to enable and configure story navigation:

  1. Enable story navigation.
    1. Open the Design panel from the story builder.
    2. Under Optional story sections, turn on Navigation.

      The story navigation bar appears at the top of the story.

  2. Configure the story navigation links.
    1. Hover over the navigation bar and click Properties.

      To see the Properties button, the story must have at least one heading. To convert text into a heading, highlight the text you want to edit and select Heading from the text editing toolbar.

      The Story navigation properties panel appears.

    2. Select the headings to include in the story navigation.

      Story navigation can link to headings from the main body of the story, sidecar blocks, and the credits section. You can include up to 30 heading links in story navigation. If your story has more than 30 headings, select those to include in the navigation bar.

    3. Optionally, rename the heading links.

      Each heading link has a 30-character limit. If any of the selected headings exceed the 30-character limit, you can change the name of the heading links for the navigation bar.

The story navigation bar is added to the top of the story with configured heading links.

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