Modify a published theme

Some themes may need to be revised or updated after their initial publication. ArcGIS StoryMaps supports a workflow that allows you to make changes to a published theme and publish the changes to the existing theme. In this workflow, updates to published themes are stored as unpublished changes and are not visible to your audience until you are ready to share them and you republish.

Publish changes to a theme

After updating a theme, you can publish the changes and make them available to your audience. To republish a theme, click the Publish button in the theme builder header. This republishes the theme and makes the changes available to the selected audience.

Discard unpublished changes to a theme

If you have unpublished changes and want to revert to the currently published version of your theme, you can discard the unpublished changes.

Use the following steps to discard unpublished changes:

  1. In the theme builder, click the More actions button More actions.
  2. Click Discard unpublished changes.
  3. Click Yes, discard changes to confirm.

The unpublished changes are discarded, and you can edit the previously published version of your theme in the theme builder.

Unpublish a theme

If you no longer want your theme to be available to others, you can unpublish it. Unpublishing removes the theme from view of the selected audience and returns it to a draft state.

Use the following steps to unpublish a theme:

  1. In the theme builder, click the More actions button More actions.
  2. Click Unpublish theme.
  3. Click Yes, unpublish to confirm.

The theme is unpublished and is no longer accessible to the audience.