Publish a theme

Like stories and collections, themes are authored in a private builder environment. During the theme creation process, a theme is automatically saved in draft status. These drafts are only visible to the author and others with administrative privileges in your organization. Publishing is the process that moves a theme from draft status to published status and enables sharing it to a broader audience. When a theme is published, it is made accessible to your selected audience: Private, My organization, Everyone (Public), or groups.

Use the following steps to publish a theme:

  1. Click Publish in the theme builder header.
  2. Choose the audience for your theme: Private, My organization, or Everyone (Public). Optionally, share the theme with people in specific groups through the Group sharing section.
    If your organization administrator has selected an Approved themes group, members of this group will see that group at the top of the list when publishing themes. For more information on selecting an Approved themes group, see ArcGIS StoryMaps administration on ArcGIS Online.

The theme is published and available to the selected audience.