Change collection layout and navigation

An ArcGIS StoryMaps collection is a group of stories that can be shared or presented as a cohesive, navigable set of items. Collections can include your own stories as well as stories that you have added to your favorites list, have been shared with you through your organization, or that are available on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Other items such as ArcGIS apps, media, and files can also be added to a collection as supporting content.

You can use one of the six standard themes or apply a custom theme to a collection. Collections follow the same creating, publishing, and sharing patterns as stories created with ArcGIS StoryMaps.


You can add a logo to the story or collection header under the Logo section of the design panel (click Design in the header to open it). However, if you select a theme with a logo, the theme logo overwrites the design panel logo.

You can use collections in a variety of ways, such as telling a story in installments or chapters; gathering stories, apps, and items that share a common theme; or creating a portfolio of your work.

You can change the collection layout and navigation options that better suit with your presentation preference.

Change collection layout

You can choose from three layout options: Grid, Magazine, and Journal.

  • Grid—Collection items are arranged in a grid of square tiles.
  • Magazine—The first item in the collection is presented as a larger tile to provide emphasis.
  • Journal—Wide, rectangular tiles are in a centered arrangement.

Change collection navigation

You can choose from three navigation options: Compact, Tabbed, and Bulleted.

  • Compact—Forward and backward arrows provide a simplified navigation experience.
  • Tabbed—Collection item titles are displayed in the navigation bar.
  • Bulleted—Numbered icons are displayed in the navigation bar.