Publish a collection

Like stories, collections are authored in a private builder environment. During the collection creation process, a collection is automatically saved in draft status. These drafts are only visible to the author and others with administrative privileges in your organization. Publishing is the process that moves a collection from draft status to published status and enables sharing it to a broader audience and the Present view. When a collection is published, the following occur:

  • The builder checks for issues related to the sharing settings of any ArcGIS content used, such as apps and stories added to the collection item.
  • The collection is made accessible to your selected audience: Private, My organization, Everyone (Public), or groups.
  • For collections that are shared with everyone, summary information about the collection is made available to search engines and social media platforms.

Use the following steps to publish a collection:

  1. Click Publish in the collection builder header.
  2. Choose the audience for your collection: Private, My organization, or Everyone (Public). Optionally, share the story with people in specific groups through the Group settings section.
    Each item in a collection has a sharing level that may not match the sharing level selected for the collection. If a viewer does not have access to a collection item, it will not be displayed.

The collection is published and available to the selected audience.