Preview a story or collection

Authoring in the story or collection builder provides an idea of what the story or collection will look like when it is published. However, for an even more accurate view of what the readers will see, you can preview your content at any point in the authoring process.

Preview the story or collection for multiple devices

The multiple-device preview includes options to see how the story or collection will be displayed on different screen sizes and orientations: phones, tablets, and desktop browsers.

Use the following steps to launch the preview mode:

  1. Click Preview in the builder header.

    The full preview displays by default.

  2. To preview on a phone display, click the Preview on phone button in the header.
  3. To preview on a tablet display, click the Preview on tablet button in the header.
  4. Note:
    In the phone and tablet previews, you can rotate the display between the vertical portrait and horizontal landscape orientations by clicking the rotate button under the preview display.
  5. To preview on a desktop display, click the Preview on desktop button in the header.
  6. Click Close preview to return to the story or collection builder.