Add credits

Credits provide background information and attribution for the resources used in a story. You can add a credits section at the end of your story to acknowledge your collaborators and cite your sources. The credits section is an optional story component that is on by default, but it will not appear in your published story unless you add information to it. If you don't need the credits section for your story, you can turn it off in the Design panel.

The credits section of a story is on by default. Use the following steps to add credits to a story:

  1. In the story builder, scroll to the bottom of the story.
  2. Optionally, add a heading and description to the credits section.
  3. Add a credit by entering information in the content and attribution fields. To add more credits, click the Add credit button.

As you add credits, you can format text with the text editor and include links anywhere you need to point to source material.


The credits section can be turned off in the Design panel.

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