Introduction to Operations Management

Operations Management can be used to respond to an event and manage resulting missions.

It empowers military organizations with the ability to capture real-time data related to the event and mission development. Leadership is able to review reports submitted by operations personnel from any connected device. The solution enables immediate interaction between the technology and military personnel allowing for rapid information dissemination and intelligent decision making. Operations Management is typically implemented by organizations, such as the Army National Guard, that want to take a data-driven approach to plan, manage, and understand current missions associated with events.

The Operations Management solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you to capture and update event and mission details, allocate resources, and gain situational awareness of resources and tasks against designated missions.

Deploy the solution

This ArcGIS solution can be deployed in your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy the solution

See Deploying a solution for more information.


Operations Management requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Survey123

Information products

Operations Management includes the following information products:

ItemDescriptionMinimum user type
Operations Dashboard

An ArcGIS Dashboards app with embedded ArcGIS Survey123 used by operations staff to enter events, missions, status reports, and field reports.


Operations Management Dashboard

An ArcGIS Dashboards app used by leadership to monitor events, missions, status reports, and field reports.


When you deploy this solution in your ArcGIS organization, you also get an ArcGIS solution item that organizes the key information products and summarizes all the ArcGIS items (applications, forms, projects, maps, feature layers, feature layer views, and so on) included with the solution. The ArcGIS solution item also illustrates any dependencies items have on each other.

Release notes

The following are the release notes:

1.1 (Apr 2022)
  • A new Operations Dashboard that allows operations staff to manage the life cycle of an event and associated missions.
  • A new Operations Management Dashboard that allows operations staff to view status reports and field reports.
  • Multiple layers are shared with the Civil Support solution and can be utilized for tasking workflows during mission coordination.
1.0 (Nov 2020)
  • First release of Operations Management