Raster Function Template

Raster function templates are combinations of raster functions that are used to create a specific visualization or analysis that can be repeated similar to the way a model in ArcGIS Pro is used and shared.

Raster function templates can be found in ArcGIS Online, created in ArcGIS Pro, or created in ArcGIS Online through the Raster Function Editor.


Raster function templates can also be created through the Raster Function Editor in Map Viewer Classic.

Open a raster function template from a web map

There are many built-in raster functions available for your imagery and raster-related tasks. Once you know the functions needed for your task, you can open premade raster function templates to use in your web map. When the raster function templates are added to your organization, then you can open them in Map Viewer for use in your web maps.

To open a raster function template from a web map, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you are signed in and have the privileges to create content and perform imagery analysis.
  2. Open a new or existing map in Map Viewer.
  3. On the Settings (light) toolbar, click Analysis Analysis.

    If you do not see the Analysis button in Map Viewer, contact your ArcGIS administrator. You may not have the privileges or credits required to perform analysis.

    Learn more about licensing requirements for spatial analysis

  4. Click Raster Functions Raster function to open the raster functions.
  5. Click the Raster Function Template button at the bottom of the Raster functions pane.

    The Browse Raster Function Templates dialog will appear.

  6. Choose the raster function or function template you want to use, then click the Select button to open the raster function template in the Raster Functions pane.

    Once the raster function template is open, the parameters of the raster function or raster function template will be visible.

  7. Select the input layers and modify the parameters as needed for your analysis.
  8. Optionally, once the parameters have been set, you can preview the results of the raster function by enabling Show preview.

    By enabling the preview, you will see a visual representation of the results of the raster function in the map. Modify the parameters as necessary to achieve the desired results before running the tool. The generated preview layers will appear as a list in the Preview section to maintain a visualization based on those particular parameters. The preview layers can be updated or a new preview layer can be created by clicking the New preview button.


    Previews are available for all raster functions, except global raster functions.

  9. Click Run to use the raster function template to create a new imagery layer.