Convert Feature to Raster (Map Viewer)

Available with ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online.

The Convert Feature to Raster tool converts features to a raster.

The output is a hosted imagery layer.

Usage notes

Convert Feature to Raster includes configurations for input features, analysis settings, and the result layer.

Input features

The Input features group includes the following parameter:

  • Input feature layer identifies the features to be converted to raster. This tool uses the cell center to determine the value of a raster pixel.

Analysis settings

The Analysis settings group includes the following parameters:

  • Value field is used to assign values to the output raster. It determines the type of output raster. If the field is integer, the output raster will be integer; if it is floating point, the output will be floating point.

  • Output cell size is the cell size of the output raster.

Result layer

The Result layer group includes the following parameters:

  • Output raster name is the name of the output raster layer that will be created.

    The name must be unique. If a layer with the same name already exists in your organization, the tool will fail and you will be prompted to use a different name.

  • Output layer type specifies the type of raster output that will be created. The output can be either a tiled imagery layer or a dynamic imagery layer.
  • Save in folder specifies the name of a folder in My Content where the result will be saved.


Analysis environment settings are additional parameters that affect a tool's results. You can access the tool's analysis environment settings from the Environment settings parameter group.

This tool honors the following analysis environments:


This tool consumes credits.

Use Estimate credits to calculate the number of credits that will be required to run the tool. For more information, see Understand credits for spatial analysis.


This tool includes the following outputs:

  • One output raster of the rasterized features

Usage requirements

This tool requires the following licensing and configurations:

  • Creator or GIS Professional user type
  • Publisher, Facilitator, or Administrator role, or an equivalent custom role
  • ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online


Use the following resources to learn more: