Use Performance Management

The Performance Management solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you tabulate performance metrics, monitor performance using a series of dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs), visualize performance for defined geographies and share performance with the public through a community web site.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Monitor community performance

You will assume the role of a resident in the community. You are interested in learning how the community measures success and learn how well the community and your neighborhood is performing in these areas.

  1. In a browser, open the Community Performance site.
  2. Scroll down to the Discover What Makes Our Community Stand Out section of the page and click on one of the strategic outcomes.

    At the top of the page is the associated performance dashboard. Each key performance indicator (KPIs) displays the most recent reported value, when it was last measured and when applicable, if the metric is meeting or not meeting the designated target.

  3. For a KPI click the History tab.

    This tab displays the performance of that KPI over time. The actual value is displayed as a bar chart and when applicable the target is displayed as a line.

  4. For a KPI click the Details tab.

    This tab provides additional context for the KPI, for example how it is measured, where the data is coming from, and why it is important.

  5. Click a new geography from the drop-down in the upper right corner of the dashboard to visualize for performance at locations within the community, for example a neighborhood or council district.
  6. Click another outcome using the links at the top of the site to view the corresponding performance dashboard and related KPIs.

Provide feedback on performance initiative

After reviewing the community goals and the KPIs used to measure performance you would like to provide feedback on the aspects you liked and thought the community is performing well in and the aspects you feel the community could improve.

  1. In a browser, open the Community Performance site.
  2. Scroll down to the Tell Us How We’re Doing section and click Share Feedback.
  3. Fill out the Performance Management Survey to provide your feedback.
  4. Click Submit.