StreetMap Premium Custom Roads file geodatabase mapping layers deprecation

The file geodatabase (.gdb) mapping layers are no longer included as part of ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom Roads. This will impact you if you use a workflow dependent on these mapping layers to create mobile map packages. The vector tile package (.vtpk) is the replacement for the file geodatabase mapping layers. The main benefit of this change is that the map Navigation with Custom Streets (vtpk) performs better than the file geodatabase (.gdb) mapping layers across different products and is consistent with the Esri Navigation basemap on ArcGIS Online.

The following releases were the last release of the file geodatabase mapping layers in ArcGIS StreetMap Premium Custom Roads:

Region Final release versionFinal release date

Middle East and Africa

2021 R1

Q1 2022


2022 R2

Q4 2022

North America

2022 R3

Q3 2022

Asia Pacific

2022 R1

Q3 2022

Latin America

2022 R1

Q3 2022