Copyright and legal information

For all legal and copyright information regarding ArcGIS StreetMap Premium data from HERE and GeoTechnologies, Inc. (formerly INCREMENT P), see Data Attributions and Terms of Use on the Esri website.

The following is a terms of use summary of the provisions contained in the Master End User License Agreement:

  • Internal business use only. Data and services may not be sold to nor embedded into a third-party system or product for revenue. Data and services may, for example, be exposed on public websites if the website does not generate revenue.
  • Content may only be used within ArcGIS software.
  • Analysis and derivative results, such as geocodes and routes generated, are the organization's to keep, even after the content license expires. Results may be used outside of ArcGIS.
  • POI (point of interest) data may not be used to generate sales lead lists.
  • In-vehicle systems integration is not permitted. Mapping applications using this content may not be connected to vehicle sensors. Applications connected to the vehicle speakers are allowed.
  • Data may not be used in a driver assistance system or autonomous vehicle system.
  • Source data may not be distributed outside of the organization.
  • Source data may not be modified. For example, an existing attribute on an individual feature may not be changed, nor can the geometric shape of an existing feature be changed.
    • It is allowable, for example, to connect a new custom road segment to existing features, or to add a new attribute field to a data layer, and populate it with new values.
  • When maps or data services are generated, appropriate data provider sourcing credit must be shown.
  • Navigation (off-route detection and auto reroute) is only allowed within ArcGIS Navigator and ArcGIS StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime.