Sign in to ArcGIS Hub

ArcGIS Hub is available to staff members and their paid contractors with an ArcGIS account, allowing members to log in to ArcGIS Hub using one of the following options:

  1. Open your hub site in a browser window and click Sign in at the upper right corner of the primary (global) navigation bar.

    If you have a community account, use this option to sign in. If you are using a browser with an installed ad blocker, you may not see the option to sign in with a social login (Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or GitHub credentials).

  2. Go to and click Sign in.
  3. Sign in to your organization's ArcGIS Online home page and click the app switcher next to your user profile. Then click ArcGIS Hub.

If you're signing in on a site that doesn't have a custom domain, you'll know it is an ArcGIS Hub site if you see or as a subdomain in the site's URL (for example,

The Hub Overview page

Once signed in, you can access the Hub Overview page by clicking the primary dropdown menu when editing a site or page and clicking Overview. This page is where you can view your recent content and get started with your workflows. What you see on the Hub Overview page depends on how your organization has licensed ArcGIS Hub and the privileges assigned to your account. If you have the proper privileges and have access to ArcGIS Hub Premium, you can use the Initiatives card to create an initiative, browse the template gallery, or manage existing initiatives. Community administrators can also access the community organization's ArcGIS Online home page from this page.


If you have ArcGIS Hub Basic and the proper privileges assigned to your account, you can create and manage sites and view all content that has been shared with you. You can also access ArcGIS Hub Basic templates by clicking New on the Sites card and choosing Browse Templates.

Get an account

If you're an employee, you must be added or invited to the employee organization by an ArcGIS Online administrator.

If you're a community member, get started by following the steps in Create a community account. Community administrators can add people to the community organization or invite people to join.