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Sign in to ArcGIS Hub

To sign in to ArcGIS Hub, you must have an ArcGIS Online organizational account or a community account.

  • An ArcGIS Online account provides employees with access to the primary ArcGIS Online organization used to manage internal accounts and authoritative content.
  • A community account provides people outside of an organization, such as volunteers or students, access to community organization so that they can work on an initiative's core team. These accounts are also free to use by any member of the public who wants to favorite content, take surveys, and sign up to attend events.

You do not need an account to search for and download public data.

Where can I sign in?

Anyone with an account can sign in to ArcGIS Hub by clicking Sign In on a site's global navigation bar. You'll know you're signing in to an ArcGIS Hub site if you see or as a subdomain in the site's URL (


Community members who are using a browser with an installed ad-blocker may not see the option to sign in with a social login (Facebook or Google).

If you have an employee account, you can also access ArcGIS Hub by signing in to ArcGIS Online and clicking the app switcher next to your user profile.

How do I get an account?

If you're a community member, you can get started by following the steps provided in Create a community account. Community administrators can also add people to the community organization or invite people to join.

If you're an employee, you must be added or invited to the employee organization by an ArcGIS Online administrator.

Check out the Overview page

Employees can get started with ArcGIS Hub by accessing the Overview page. Click your hub profile drop-down menu and choose Overview. Depending on how your organization has licensed ArcGIS Hub and your user role and privileges, you'll see options to add and manage site or initiatives and access the community organization and content library.

Sign in configuration

ArcGIS Hub administrators can enable or disable community account creation. For more information, see Easier administration with ArcGIS Hub Settings.