Use projects

ArcGIS Hub projects allow you to track and share information about organized efforts with internal or external audiences. Use this built-in feature to document key project details, such as a purpose, location, and status. Projects can help you manage, measure, and highlight your progress towards shared, focused goals. You can create and link an unlimited number of projects for a site. A project can be associated with multiple sites.

The projects feature requires a license to ArcGIS Hub Premium.

Create a project

Core team members can create a new project from the catalog and from the site-level global navigation.

  1. From the catalog or the site global navigation, select New then Project.
  2. Enter a name and purpose, choose a status, and select Next.
  3. Select a location setting for your project and draw one or more features if needed; select Next.

    If you draw nothing for location, it is hidden on all maps.

  4. Select a sharing level and add or remove groups for sharing; select Create.

    New projects are shared with the owner (private by default). Change the sharing level to Organization or Public as needed, and accept or change the default sharing with the site core team and the site content group.

Manage a project

Project owners have edit capabilities. If a project is shared with a shared update group, any member of that group can edit it. Projects appear as items in the owner’s user profile and in the catalog, if shared to a group that powers the library (content group for example). Learn about adding and managing content.

  1. On the project view, select the Edit button edit to go to the project workspace.
  2. On the Details pane, you can add or change project information such as Description, Featured image, Featured content, etc. to appear on the project view (except Search & discoverability fields).

    The project view header displays a map with the project location, if set. If not, an item thumbnail image shows. If this is not available, only the project name appears. Project view only shows fields that have been filled out in the project workspace.

    Use the Timeline to organize and show stages of your work over time (weeks, months, years, etc.). Optionally, include a description, links, and status for each stage.

  3. On the Metrics pane, you can add metrics to show progress or other measurable aspects of the project.
  4. On the Collaborators pane, add groups so that members can edit the project. You can also add groups for members to view the project (if not public). Only owners can share to groups with shared update capabilities.
  5. On the Settings pane, project owners can delete the project (also in ArcGIS Online). Organization administrators can manage other users' projects in ArcGIS Online.

Display a project

You can showcase projects on a Hub site for staff and/or community members to discover. Add projects to a gallery card and share them with the site (content group) for visitors to search.

  1. Open a site or page in edit mode.
  2. To add a project to the items below, follow steps to add existing content:

    Every site has an additional search page dedicated to projects shared with the site (content group). Users can browse projects by related attributes, such as location and status. Add a link to the site header or to a button on the site that goes to the project search page, using the relative URL: /projects.