Places and Points of Interest (POI)

Esri offers Places and Points of Interest data to customers around the world. A Point of Interest may be a business, a government building—such as a post office, a landmark—like the Eiffel Tower, or a natural feature—such as a lake or a trail head.

Esri features Point of Interest data in Mexico and Thailand that are locally sourced by international distributor providers, Esri Thailand, Nostra, and INEGI.

For Canada and the United States, Esri provides Business location and summary datasets sourced from Data Axle, and for Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico, Places data sourced from SafeGraph.

Esri also offers worldwide Points of Interest data from data provider Foursquare.

Places and Points of Interest datasets are available only through ArcGIS Business Analyst, ArcGIS Community Analyst, the ArcGIS Marketplace, or Esri basemaps. Visit individual data provider pages for data availability, reference documents, sample variables, and methodology.

Esri offers Places and Points of Interest (POI) data for the following countries or regions from the listed data providers:

Data partnerCoverageDescription

Data Axle

Canada and United States

Esri extracts its business data from a comprehensive list of businesses licensed from Data Axle. This business list contains data for businesses, including the business name, location, franchise code, industry classification code, number of employees, and sales volume. Data is updated quarterly.



Points of Interest for Mexico.



An Esri-derived subset of Foursquare's global POI data describing commercial and noncommercial places in over 170 countries and markets around the world. Foursquare's data is based on over 14 billion check-ins from their consumer apps and numerous third-party sources. Data is updated quarterly.

NOSTRA through Esri Thailand


Points of Interest for Thailand.


Canada, Puerto Rico, and United States

An Esri-derived subset of SafeGraph's POI data predominantly describing businesses and other commercial places. These POI records can contain attributes such as place-name, a NAICS-based category description, and addresses. Data is updated quarterly.