Esri India

Esri partners with Esri India to provide Advanced Demographics and ArcGIS Places data for India.

Esri India data spans government, utilities, education, commercial, and beyond.

Esri India is India's leading end-to-end geographic information systems (GIS) software and solutions provider. Since 1996, Esri India has been leading various initiatives in the industry, resulting in growth and adoption of GIS technology solutions by government, businesses, academia, and NGOs in India. Today, organizations of every size and industry in India rely on GIS to plan and manage their operations and to make timely, well-informed, and mission-critical decisions.

Esri India Advanced Demographics

Esri India Advanced Demographics for India includes information such as the following:

  • Population—Population regional counts and projections
  • Households—Household counts by population and family structure, and the availability of (or access to) resources, services, and amenities
  • Housing—Housing units and ownership
  • Education—Population counts by education and literacy categories
  • Employment—Jobs and industry counts and unemployment

See the Reference documents section below for details.



Esri India Places data

Esri India's Places (also known as points of interest) data contains information for more than 8 million places, including businesses, medical facilities, government buildings, cultural centers, parking garages, and more. A place may be a business, a government building such as a post office, a landmark like the Eiffel Tower, or a natural feature such as a lake or a trail head.

Visit Introduction to ArcGIS Places data for more information.




Esri India Places have a seven-digit category code. The first two digits provide a general industry category as shown below:

  • Art and Entertainment (10)
  • Business and Services (20)
  • Community and Government (30)
  • Dining and Drinking (40)
  • Event, Travel, Transportation (50)
  • Farming and Industry (60)
  • Healthcare (70)
  • Markets and Retail (80)
  • Real Estate and Other (90)

The remaining five digits provide increased specificity. For example, a location with a Category ID of 6001001 indicates a farm.

  • The first two digits, 60, indicate a top-level industry value of Farming and Industry.
  • The next two digits, 01, indicate a category of Agriculture Business.
  • The final two digits, 001, are the subcategory Farm.

Available geographies

Esri India Places data is a point-level dataset covering the country of India.

Update frequency



Attributes available for each Esri India Place include the location name, city, locality, state, PIN Code, Esri India location category, and a category description. A translation of the local category system to the 2022 North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) is also available for each location. Other attributes are provided when available. See the following table for details:

AttributeDescriptionExample value


The name associated with the place.

District court


The street where the place is located, when applicable.

SH-76 Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road


The place locality, neighborhood, town, or equivalent.

Mandi House


The town or municipality in which the place is located.

New Delhi


The state or union territory in which the place is located.


PIN code

Postal Index Number (PIN) of the place.



The name of the area, complex, or other significant buildings around which the place is located, when applicable.

Noble High School

Esri India category

The 7-digit category associated with the place.


Esri India category description

Description of the category associated with the place.

Courthouse - Court of law

Brand name

Brand associated with the location, when applicable.

Canara Bank

Building name

Name of the building in which the place is located, when applicable.

Muni Reddy Complex

Survey or Plot number

Provides the survey or plot number, when applicable.

Shop No. 102

House or Shop number

Provides the house or shop number, when applicable.


Business hours

The hours of operation by day of the week in the place's local time zone. Seasonal hours may use start and end dates.

Sunday: 08:00-14:00; Monday: 10:00-18:00;...

Open 24 hours

Indicates if location is open 24 hours on one or more days of the week, in Yes/No format.


Open Sunday

Indicates if location is open on Sunday, in Yes/No format.



North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code associated with the business, when applicable.


NAICS Code description

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) description associated with the business, when applicable.

Insurance Carriers


The primary data source from which the record is derived. Always Esri India.

Esri India

Esri PID

Unique identifier of the place, assigned by Esri. Perpetual over time.


Data availability

See Introduction to ArcGIS Places data for a full list of licensed ArcGIS products in which Esri India Places data is available.

Reference documents

Refer to the following reference documents: