Esri partners with GlobeTech Co., Ltd., under their NOSTRA brand to provide Points of Interest (POI) datasets for Thailand and the ASEAN region. A Point of Interest may be a business, a government building such as a post office, a landmark like the Eiffel Tower, or a natural feature such as a lake or a trail head.

GlobeTech Co., Ltd., is a leading location content provider that develops and provides digital mapping services and several location coordinates applications with comprehensive, precise database and high coverage in Thailand and the ASEAN region under the NOSTRA brand. They have over 20 years of experience in survey and mapping production, geographic information system (GIS), fleet management, and car navigation system technology.

Points of Interest data are available only through ArcGIS Business Analyst. Visit Places and Points of Interest for more information.

Note that for structures such as college campuses, landmarks, or transportation hubs, there may be more than one point in the dataset that indicates the location. For example, an airport may have separate points for the international terminal, on-site restaurants, and parking structures. Esri does not de-duplicate POI data received from NOSTRA.



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