National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)

Esri partners with the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, or Instituto Nacional de EstadĂ­stica, GeografĂ­a y Informatica) to provide ArcGIS Places data (in partnership with DENUE), along with population and housing census datasets for Mexico.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography is an autonomous public body responsible for regulating and coordinating the Mexican National System of Statistical and Geographical Information.

The data source for these datasets is the Population and Housing Census 2020 carried out by INEGI to obtain information, count the population living in Mexico, and understand their main demographic, socioeconomic, and cultural characteristics.

INEGI, as part of their mission, also collects and disseminates information about Mexico in terms of territory, resources, population, and economy to improve understanding of specific demographic characteristics of the country and help in decision-making processes. INEGI responds to international standards when generating statistical and geographical information and offers statistical and geographical information that can be consulted and downloaded. The data provided has thematic diversity and different levels of disaggregation.



ArcGIS Places data

INEGI provides Places data for Mexico in partnership with DENUE. A place may be a business, a government building such as a post office, a landmark like the Eiffel Tower, or a natural feature such as a lake or a trail head. Note that for structures such as college campuses, landmarks, or transportation hubs, there may be more than one point in the dataset that indicates the location. For example, an airport may have separate points for the international terminal, on-site restaurants, and parking structures. Esri does not de-duplicate Places data received from INEGI. Visit Introduction to ArcGIS Places data for more information.

Reference documents

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