Import DWG (Autodesk)

Autodesk DWG is a proprietary 3D geometry format native to Autodesk AutoCAD. Even though it doesn't have modern material support it widely used in the BIM and CAD industries.

The Autodesk DWG Importer only imports 3D aspects of the file. It silently drops all 2D elements. In Autodesk AutoCAD you can try to convert unsupported objects (like polylines) using one of the following commands: AECTOACAD, CONVTOMESH, CONVTOSOLID, CONVTOSURFACE.

Import settings

The DWG import has the following options:


Press open a file dialog to select a .dwg file to import.

Import as static model

When checked, the file will be imported 'as is' and will not be modifiable by CGA rules. Otherwise, start shapes are created from the provided (if available: textured) polygons, ready to be used with CGA rules.

Align to terrain

When checked, the geometry automatically aligns to the terrain.


Scale factor applied to the imported object.


Adds the specified offset to the imported object:

  • Center: Sets the offset such that the object is centered on the scene's origin.
  • Reset: Sets the offset back to zero.

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