CGA reference

This page provides an overview of the operations and functions available in CGA. Visit the CGA Modeling Essentials to learn the foundations of the CGA Shape Grammar.


Geometry creation

Geometry subdivision

Geometry manipulation




Flow control



Shape attributes

Shape Attributes are properties of the current shape. They can always be read (like functions) and some of them can be set with the set operation.

Built-in functions

Functions always return a value and do not alter the current shape (with the exception of probability functions which change the state of the shape's random number generator).

Math functions

Probability functions

Conversion functions

String functions

Geometry functions

Material functions

File functions

Asset and image functions

Occlusion functions

Context functions

Array functions

Edge attribute functions

Miscellaneous functions

Other keywords

CGA utility functions library

String utility functions

String list utility functions

String lists are a series of strings stored inside one string. The elements are separated by a semicolon (";"). The data type is "string", thus it is not any real type of array as used in other scripting languages.

File, asset and image utility functions

Math utility functions

Color utility functions

Miscellaneous information

To view the offline CGA reference, click Help > Offline CGA Reference in the CityEngine main menu.