CityEngine help

The CityEngine help is the main resource for learning about CityEngine. Each section begins with an overview page, and it is recommended that you read these pages first to get an idea of the content in the sections.

Additional resources

If you are new to CityEngine, About CityEngine and the Essential skills tutorial are great places to start. Also, the following links provide further insight into CityEngine:

Download CityEngine 2021.1 Help (PDF version)

Additional online resources

You can find additional CityEngine resources available online that are not included in this PDF document. If you are new to CityEngine, check out About CityEngine or the Essential skills tutorial. Ensure you are online to view these topics.

You can gain further knowledge and insight into CityEngine by visiting the online pages below:


To view the CGA reference offline, click Help > Offline CGA Reference in the CityEngine main menu.

Similarly, to view the offline Python reference, click Help > Offline Python Reference.


There are links throughout this PDF document to other pages that are available offline. Additionally, there are links to online CityEngine resources, such as those mentioned above.

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