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Synchronize user interface

This interface is invoked when one or more web feature layers in the drawing are synchronized using the Esri_SyncrhonizeAll command, or the context menus or action buttons of the web feature layers listed in the Esri Contents user interface. The user interface provides the means to review the edit modifications before committing to synchronization.

Synchronize user interface


List of web feature layers that will be synchronized.


Reminder of the curve capabilities of the web feature layer. Curves on unsupported layers will be tessellated.


Reminder of the 3D capabilities of the web feature layer. 3D Entities added to 2D layers will be flattened.


Count of features that will be modified on each web feature layer.


Count of features that will be added to each feature layer.


Count of features that will be deleted from the web feature layer.


Selecting the Synchronize button will confirm the changes and update the feature services of each feature layer. All the feature entities on the included web feature layers will be deleted and then redrawn within the current project area. All added features outside the project area will be added, deleted, or modified but not redrawn into the current AutoCAD drawing. Selecting the Cancel button will cancel the requested synchronization without any modification to the drawing or feature services.

See also

Esri_SynchronizeAll —Command to synchronize changes made to editable feature layers.

Esri_DiscardAllEdits —Command to abandon all edits, and delete and redraw all web feature layer entities within the project area.

Esri_FeatureLayer —Command to control feature layers including the synchronization and discarding of edits.

Project Area —User-defined geographic area affection the extent of web feature layers displayed in the drawing when adding or synchronizing layers.

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