ArcGIS Online-Configure your organization for Indoors

ArcGIS Online organizations that are provisioned for ArcGIS Indoors already have the required Indoors extensions and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate in place. These extensions include ArcGIS Indoors Maps and, optionally, ArcGIS Indoors Spaces. ArcGIS Indoors Spaces is an add-on extension that enables workspace reservation functionality.


If you licensed Indoors using the older Indoors organization extension, it will be supported until expiration.

Set up access for ArcGIS Pro

Perform the following steps to set permissions for the members of your organization who need to use ArcGIS Pro:

  1. Assign the GIS Professional Advanced user type to the named users in your organization who need access to ArcGIS Pro.

    By default, the Indoors extension in the ArcGIS Online organization has two GIS Professional Advanced users available. More can be added by contacting customer service.

  2. Grant these named users access to the following extensions:
    1. 3D Analyst
    2. Network Analyst
  3. Assign these named users the Publisher role.

    Members of your organization who need to use ArcGIS Pro must connect to this ArcGIS Online organization before using the Indoors tools.

Invite and add members

ArcGIS Online allows you to manage members in your organization, as well as their roles and associated privileges.


Indoors supports built-in authentication and SAML.

Create users and assign roles and types

When you create users, check the type of users available for details about assigning roles and access.

The ArcGIS Indoors Maps organizational extension includes an additional user type called Indoors User. The Indoors User user type allows users to sign into Indoor Viewer and Indoors mobile apps and visualize data and has the privileges associated with the Viewer user type.

At the current release, users must have an Editor user type or above to access Indoor Space Planner and workspace reservations.

Enable permissions

Indoor Viewer requires users to sign in before use, and they need to have the appropriate level of permissions.

Configure printing

For printing to work from Viewer, the organization must have a valid print service set up. Viewer requires a valid print service in the organization for printing directions.

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