Share location

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

You can share the location of most features from Indoor Viewer using either a URL or a QR code.

The shared URL or QR code launches the app with a display based on the layers that are active when the URL or QR code is generated. For example, if you are sharing a link to a bike rack, you can turn on the bike paths layer, even if that layer is not on by default.

You can share locations using a QR code in both browser mode and kiosk mode. Sharing locations using a URL is only available in browser mode.


The mobile device must have access to the Viewer URL for the shared location to open correctly. If the URL is internal or not available to kiosk users, turn off QR code sharing in the Configure App panel.

Share a location using a QR code

Sharing a location using a QR code can be useful when you need to move from a stationary device such as a workstation or kiosk and want to transfer the information to your mobile device.

You can access a shared location on a mobile device from a QR code as follows:

  1. Turn on the layers you want to be visible when you share a location, and turn off the layers you do not want to be visible.
  2. Choose Get this information on mobile at the bottom of the info panel in Viewer for an active item in the map.

    A QR code appears.

  3. Scan the QR code using the camera app on your mobile device.

    A prompt appears on the mobile device.

  4. Tap the prompt to continue to Viewer in your mobile web browser.

    Optionally, launch ArcGIS Indoors for iOS or ArcGIS Indoors for Android to open the shared location.


    Configuration is required to launch Indoors for iOS from a QR code.

Share a location using a URL

You can also share a location as a URL that can be opened in a web browser or in a native mobile app.

  1. Turn on the layers you want to be visible when you share a location, and turn off the layers you do not want to be visible.
  2. Click the Share button Share at the top of the info panel for an active item in the map.
  3. Copy the URL to share the location using apps such as email, text, or instant messaging.

Turn layers on through a shared URL

When you share a URL for a feature from the info panel, the JSON includes identifiers for the visible layers. This JSON is encoded before it is added to the URL. When the shared URL is opened, the same layers appear on the map and in the layer list.


You can remove the location details of a feature and keep the layers on or off in a shared URL by removing the itemUniqueField, itemSourceKey, itemUniqueId, x, y, and l parameters in the URL. When a URL without these parameters is opened, the layers that are on are still shown, but the location details are removed.

Optionally, you can configure the URL by defining the operationalLayer identifier in the JSON structure before it gets encoded into the URL.

The following provides information on the JSON structure for the visibleLayers parameter:

// format for a feature layer:
"layerId": "<operationalLayer id>"

// format for a map service layer:
"layerId": "<operationalLayer id>",
"subLayerIds": [<array of sub layer ids>]

ArcGIS Indoors mobile app support

Links shared from Viewer can optionally be opened in the native Indoors apps for iOS and Android.


You can configure Viewer to include the option to open a shared location in Indoors for iOS when the link is accessed on an iOS device. This setting must be configured in the Viewer web app configuration, and the Indoors for iOS app must be installed on the mobile device. This setting is enabled by default when Viewer is created from a template.


Indoors for Android does not have any configuration requirements. The Android device provides options to open the link when tapped or scanned with the camera. If installed, the Indoors for Android app is one of the options presented for opening the link.