Share a web map or scene for Indoor Viewer

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

The key components of any ArcGIS app are the maps and scenes that provide the spatial experience. You can configure the Indoor Viewer app to use web maps and web scenes shared from ArcGIS Pro. Web maps can contain feature layers, and web scenes can contain scene services.


If you created a scene, you must include a web map.

Share a web map

When sharing a web map, there are several options on the Share tab depending on your environment. A web map shared using Copy all data results in a feature-layer-based web map.

Learn more about sharing web maps from ArcGIS Pro

Share a web map containing feature layers

To share a web map that contains feature layers to your ArcGIS organization on ArcGIS Online, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you're connected to your ArcGIS organization in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Follow the steps to share a web map containing feature layers.

For Select a Configuration, choose the Copy all data: Exploratory option.

If you require layers to be editable, such as the Reservations layer, first share them separately using the Copy all data: Editable option to create a web feature layer. Then add the web feature layers to the map and share it using the Copy all data: Exploratory option. Layers that are sourced from a web feature layer retain the settings of that web layer.

Share a web scene

You can share a floor-aware web scene to an ArcGIS organization for use in Indoor Viewer.

Publish the web scene from ArcGIS Pro

There are additional requirements for web scene sharing to be successful.

You can share a web scene to your ArcGIS organization as a scene service. There are a few differences in the experience from sharing web maps. When you click the Content tab in the Share Web Scene pane, a list of web layers that will be shared with your organization to support the scene service is shown. To make the web scene layers editable, share them with associated feature layers.


Use the Analyze command to find and fix inconsistencies and potential problems before the map or scene is shared to ensure successful publishing.

Update the scene in Scene Viewer

Once you share a scene from ArcGIS Pro, you can open it in Scene Viewer from your ArcGIS organization. In Scene Viewer, you can further configure the scene. Possible configurations include the following:

  • Add a cartographic offset to layers. For example, adding a cartographic offset to the Units 3D layer can keep the Units 3D and levels layers from obscuring vision of features in the map.
  • Add a visibility range. For example, you may only want users to view certain layers when they are zoomed in to a facility but not when they are zoomed out and viewing multiple facilities within the scene.

Confirm that the web map or scene was shared

If you shared a web map, it is supported by feature layers included in the Share pane.

If you shared a web scene, you can add it to the Indoor Viewer web app using its ID or by choosing the web scene in the interactive Indoor Viewer web app template configuration.

You can sign in to the same ArcGIS organization that was used to share the web map or scene and verify that they operate correctly in Map Viewer or Scene Viewer.

In addition, you can set the accessibility of the map or scene to other members or groups in your organization. In your ArcGIS organization on ArcGIS Online, you can share the services the app uses with everyone who needs to use the app.

  • If the services are not shared with everyone, the app prompts users to sign in with their ArcGIS organization credentials. Users cannot use the app until they sign in.
  • If the services are shared with everyone, anyone can use the app without signing in.

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