Include web feature layers in an Indoors web map

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

Work orders, assets, and other features that reside outside of the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model can be included in your Indoors web map by sharing the data as a web feature layer, adding it to your map in ArcGIS Pro, and configuring it as floor aware before sharing to your ArcGIS organization.


Including web feature layers in your Indoors map is limited to point and polygon data type layers.

Required fields

You can define additional feature layers as floor aware as long as they contain an attribute field that defines the level on which each feature is located. This allows you to relate data from other business systems, which may have a schema that differs from the Indoors model, to your floor plan data. The attribute field value for the floor identification field must match the LEVEL_ID field value of a feature in the Levels layer for indoor features.

Indoors allows for a limited set of fields to exist in the web layer and automatically determines the correct association of each feature to the Indoors floor plan assuming that a field that identifies the level ID of the associated floor exists. Including this field, ensuring that it is correctly populated in the data, and configuring the layer as floor aware allows Indoors to filter the fields correctly for the selected facility and level when using the floor filter.

Indoors automatically treats compliant web feature layers as Indoors layers for displaying and identifying features.

Additional fields may be required if the web feature layer is referenced by configured categories. Web layers that are intended to support the work order capabilities of the Indoors apps require additional field mappings.

Layer properties

Layer properties include display field and symbology, which can be used to define panels and labels, as well as establish a consistent symbology for a web feature layer.

Display field

The display field of a web feature layer is particularly important for Indoors. This field defines the title of the info panel in the apps, as well as the labels on the feature in search hints, directions, my places, related items, and home.

Verify the display field value for your web layer in your ArcGIS Organization by looking at the item page for your new web feature layer, clicking the link for the REST Services Directory, clicking the link for All Layers and Tables, and then searching for the display field value.

If you need to change the layer’s selected display field, you can either modify the layer’s display field in the layer properties before sharing your Indoors web map or update the schema of the shared layer to include an appropriate display field and share an updated version for use in Indoors. In either case, ensure that all data in the layer includes appropriate values for the display field to provide the best experience for Indoors app users.


You may need to adjust the layer’s symbology for the intended use in Indoors or to align with your organization's symbology themes or branding requirements. Modify the layer’s symbology settings in ArcGIS Pro before sharing the Indoors web map, without updating the source feature layer.

Indoors includes styles with symbology that matches the Indoors map templates, both available in the product data installation.


For cartographic consistency, configure symbols for your categories that match the symbology used to represent the features on the map. Keep this in mind and include appropriate images if configuring categories against your web feature layers.