Configure launch actions for Indoor Viewer

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

ArcGIS Indoors includes support for launch actions to third-party apps directly from the info panel in Indoor Viewer. App launch actions are a way to incorporate your critical business systems with ArcGIS Indoors.

A launch action can be configured to open a web page or native mobile app and automatically pass indoor data to the target system or app. This allows users to submit incidents or requests against a selected feature in Viewer. Users can review information regarding a feature that is selected in the Viewer app and automatically populate form fields with updated information using a web page or mobile app.

You can configure launch actions for Viewer in the following ways:

  • Using the Configure Indoors Launch Actions pane in ArcGIS Pro. Launch actions configured in ArcGIS Pro can later be modified during app configuration.

    Modifications made in the Configure App panel only affect the launch actions in the Viewer app.

  • Using the Configure App panel when you create or modify an app. From the configuration panel you can modify launch actions created in ArcGIS Pro or create new ones.


Indoors allows pin placement for locations outside of a building, such as campus gardens or grounds. If a launch action is applied to All Layers in the configuration panel, these dropped pins also have the action available for them.

Configure launch actions using the configuration panel

During Viewer app configuration, perform the following steps to modify app launch actions created in ArcGIS Pro or create new actions:

  1. In the Configure App panel, navigate to the App Launch section.

    If you configured launch actions in ArcGIS Pro, they appear in the App Launch section. You can update them if necessary.

  2. Optionally, add a new action.
    1. Click Add to add a new action.
    2. Provide a name for the action in the Label text box.
    3. Add the URL for the action to the URL text box.
    4. Click Select Categories and Layers and check the check box for the layers and categories with which to associate this action.

      By default, all layers and subcategories are selected.

    5. Click OK.
    6. Repeat the steps above for any additional actions.
  3. Click the Remove button Remove next to any launch actions you want to remove.
  4. Reorder actions using the up and down arrows if necessary.
  5. Click Save to save updates to the app template.

Launch actions appear in a list when you click the More button More in the info panel for features in the categories and layers with configured launch actions.

URL syntax

Launch actions are enabled by URLs, and the syntax must follow common URL conventions. For example, special characters in the arguments must be URL encoded, and the argument or value pairs must be separated with standard URL conventions.

For Indoors, values must be contained in curly brackets and match the following syntax:



The layer is optional and, if not included, defaults to the active item in the Indoors app. Many use cases require passing attributes from a different layer in the map or scene. This is supported with the layer operator. Arguments and values are not case sensitive.

See the following samples:

Single value


Multiple values


Value from another feature class


Pass value to a specific field


Supported argument and value formats

The launch action URL can support either passing a value with a generic argument (field={Units.UNIT_ID}) or pointing the value at a specific field in the Survey123 form (field:room={Units.Name}).

In addition, multiple arguments can be listed together, and you can add text between them.



Integration with Survey123

Survey123 is included with your Indoors license. In the absence of any other supported work order or ticketing system, launch actions can be configured to use Survey123.

To customize the experience of the action button with Survey123, append valid argument or value pairs onto the URL.

When you create a survey in your ArcGIS Online organization, the URL to share the survey is shortened by default. To enable launch actions, you must use the full URL when appending arguments and pairs. To get the full URL for an existing survey, complete the following:

  1. In Survey123, click the My Surveys tab and click the survey for which you want to create a launch action.
  2. Click the Collaborate tab and click Share survey.
  3. Copy the shortened URL, paste it into a browser, and load the survey.

    The full URL appears in the address bar.

  4. Copy the full URL from the address bar.

You can now append arguments and pairs to this URL as necessary when configuring launch actions.

Example: Base URL for default behavior

Example: Custom

This example overrides the default room input with the name field from the Units layer.{Units.NAME}

Example: Launch the Survey123 native app on mobile devices



Be careful when using URLs specific to native mobile apps when configuring launch actions for use in Viewer, as these are not supported for desktop users. Only use a native app's URL when defining launch actions for workflows that support the native Indoors apps or Viewer accessed from a mobile browser.

Integration with third-party systems

You can also configure the action button to open a third-party URL and pass attribute values to it, provided that the third-party system supports URL configurable forms or parameters to drive actions upon launch. In this case, use a URL that calls the system in the Indoors app configuration with an appropriate URL for the integrated system. Some common uses are linking to third-party work order management systems or asset management systems.

Consider the following when working with third-party systems:

  • The field: operator may be different.
  • Web forms that support URL arguments may require additional configuration.
  • Consult the integrated system vendor for details on whether and how this works.


In some cases, depending on the business system being used, some characters may not be supported, such as the # or + characters.

Integration with work order management systems

Indoors supports launching external asset and work order management systems. The action button on the info panel in Viewer can be configured to open either a web form or third-party native app to be used to record new information such as incidents or requests associated with a space, asset, or other item in Indoors or to open an existing work order in a separate app.

Indoors supports passing work order and Indoors layer attributes as a query string in the URL. The syntax must follow the URL/URI schema for Indoors and work order app system to support launch actions.

The attribute value must be enclosed in curly brackets and match the following syntax:

?arg={Work order Attribute}&arg={Layer.Attribute}

The following are additional syntax samples:

Single value from work order layer


Multiple values from work order layer


Value from work order and Indoors layer


ServiceNow URL

The following sample passes the work order number as a parameter and opens an existing work order:


See more examples of configuring launch actions for ServiceNow.